CCR's: Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions

CCR's: Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions

What does all these CCR's mean?  Here is a lesson in residence and home property rules and regulations.

Do you “own” your home and yard?  Do you reside (live) in a subdivision?

When you purchased your home, did you actually read your restrictive covenants?  In many jurisdictions, these restrictions are called Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions, or more commonly known as “CCRs”.


Idaho's Corporate Code: Limited Liability Code and Non-Profit Corporations code Repealed!

Idaho Corporate Code repealed


Yes, it is true, I am back at blogging again after a two month hiatus (big word for being away.)

More importantly for you is to know that Idaho repealed its General Business Corporate Code, its Limited Liability Code and its Non-Profit Corporations Code!

Really? Technically, yes, technically no.

Actually, effective July 1, 2015, the Idaho Legislature “repealed” the existing statutes and moved them to new numbered sections.  WHY?

You don’t need to know, and you for sure do not want to know why.

For the Business Owner/Manager: Real Property Law vs. Basic Contract Law

Real Property Law vs. Basic Contract Law

Oh hated lawyer, why are the laws about houses, rentals, construction (including re-model) mobile homes, so difficult and complicated?

First, construction is such a specific area that we have to even exclude this topic from this blog piece.

The Computer Age: Best of Times or Worst of Times?

The computer age and business owners

We have introduced themes about how the law cannot catch up with computer/internet trauma. Businesses and entrepreneurs have been able to flourish without government regulation. So have hackers and spammers.

As we all live in the international community, our government struggles to keep up with the hackers/spammers; who for all we know, may have some backing by their local governments.

Insurance: What If I'm the Nit Wit

What If Im at fault in an accident

It has happened to all of us at some time or another. An accident where you are at fault. In most scenarios, one or more vehicles are involved and dealing with the aftermath is never fun. Especially when you have to call in your insurance to cover the damages.

Right now, the state of Idaho only requires drivers carry $25,000 in liability insurance. You may think “If the law only requires a minimum of $25,000 in automobile liability coverage, the legislature must know what they are talking about and therefore, this should be enough coverage…. Right?”


Which Do We Hate More? Lawyers or Insurance Companies

Insurance Claims

Just like lawyers, you can hate insurance companies and even their agents and adjusters.  For your ability to succeed, you better know why you need certain types of insurance and how much insurance.

Not My Fault!

Some (insert favorite explicit here) driver crashes into you and it is their fault. You are seriously hurt, your occupation is impacted, your whole life system and routine are decimated. So it would seem only fair to speak with the party's at fault insurance company and demand:

Another Thought for Commercial Leases

Boise Commercial Lease Concerns

Are attorney drafted commercial leases perfect? Hmmm…

Yes, we hated lawyers diligently attempt to draft leases that envision most difficulties.  Yet, the new surprises never seem to go away.  (Yes, purists, I know that the last sentence is not quite correctomundo).

What if you leased an office suite with a gorgeous view from the sixth floor?  Do you want a guarantee to protect that view?   Would a landlord give that guarantee?  Can the landlord provide such a guarantee? Take a long look at the attached photograph.  As a tenant, imagine how you would you feel if you had just committed to a seven-year lease and then a neighbor, or worse, your own landlord started construction of a whole new building blocking your coveted view? 

Corporate Veils- Are you wearing the correct hat?

Corporate Veils

We are are discussing the importance on why you must always keep in mind which hat you are wearing when engaging in any transaction.  To keep your corporate shield (protecting yourself from personal liability),  always let the people know that you are acting in your corporate/limited liability company capacity.

Do I Need a Living Trust?

Idaho Living Trust

Answering living trust questions in a blog is difficult in so many ways. 

One difficulty involves disagreements among lawyers on the concept of “need”.  (Huh?  Lawyers can disagree with each other… who knew?)  Lawyers disagree on how many people need living trusts and for what purposes.

Copyright Laws are Not KeepingUp with the Internet

Image Copyright Law

by Nikki Wardle: Guest Writer

The first copyright law was passed in 1710 by the British, known as the "An Act for the Encouragement of Learning". This copyright only covered book, but as forms of mediums grew such as music, photography and television, so did copyright laws.


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