Commercial Leases - What You Need to Know Part IIII

Commercial Lease Boise, Moving

Last week we discussed commercial neighbors and insurance needs when it comes to commercial leasing. Now we are on the last stretch of some of the major considerations when entering into a lease 

7. Moving into your new space:

It's moving day but is your new space ready? Your lease should have a solid move-in date listed so there is no confusion. Especially if the space is occupied by another tenant that is moving out. 

Commercial Leases - What You Need to Know Part III

Commercial leasing, neighbors and insurance

In part 2 of the commercial leasing series, we covered parking and also listed out some questions that need to be answered. Now let's move on to neighbors and insurance.

5. Neighbors:

Commercial Leases - What You Need to Know Part II

consider parking when leasing a building

Continuing on with the commercial leasing series, we are now continuing our checklist of items to know when you are leasing a commercial property or considering a lease. 

3. Parking

Commercial Leases - What You Need to Know Part I

Commercial Lease Boise

Are you a tenant of a commercial location or do you intend to move soon or become a tenant? No better time than now to brush up on all of the attributes involved in a commercial lease. Most commercial leases are either a "Full Service" or “Triple Net” (you may see initials “NNN” in some introductory language that indicates a triple net lease). If you are not fully versed in the differences between full service and triple net lease agreement, then it's best to get an appointment to see your hated lawyer.

Business Owners and Family Law 3: A 3 Part Series

Idaho Family Court Dates

This is the last in a 3 part series on what business owners need to know about family law.

Business Owner rules to remember.

You must stay tuned to the stress and time interference's your employee must endure. Their timing and productivity for you can be affected.

Business Owners and Family Law 2: A 3 Part Series

Family law - What business owners need to know

This is the second in a 3 part series on what business owners need to know about family law.

Uncertainty and Stress

Unless very quickly settled, no one can predict the outcome of a contested divorce, or custody case. Worse for you, no one can predict exactly how long the process will take. The dynamics are too particular on a case by case basis.

More Policy Concerns for the Business Owner/Manager

Policy Concerns for the Business Owner/Manager

Earlier, we addressed policy and privacy concerns that seem to launch ahead of our ability to even keep up; let alone understand.

Law enforcement and even some industries have facial and retina scan technology.

Our own cell phone providers use our cell phones to coordinate with credit reporting bureaus and retailers to track our movements and habits.

Embezzlement and Your Business

Embezzlement and Your Business

Do you pay all your employees a living wage? Remember that if we consider the purchasing power/inflation calculations to the first minimum wage established 50 some years ago, the minimum wage should be about $23.00 an hour. A “minimum” wage is not a living wage.

We have more single parents today than 20 years ago and see more travesties in the home with childhood illnesses and syndromes. Television and social media promote the entitlement attitude in addition to the pressures of bringing more money into the home. All of these factors add up to the temptation of embezzlement. The message for you is … are you exposed for embezzlement?

Business Owners and Family Law: A 3 Part Series

Boise family law

This is the first in a 3 part series on what business owners need to know about family law.

1. What employees are involved in can affect you.

In previous posts, we have discussed what the business owner should understand about the entanglements their employees suffer when criminally accused.

Similarly, as family law court battles (paternity/divorce/custody) have significant differences than criminal law processes and other civil cases, a business owner is well advised to understand at least something about what an employee must handle during a family law case.

Ladies and Crime

Arrested lady

LAST TIME, we discussed themes a business owner must know about the DUI laws and processes. At the end of the post, I asked about ladies in the system and whether they receive better treatment?

I have no national statistics. I have no state statistics. Yet, merely an observation of your local sheriff’s daily arrests log can sadden all of us.

Generally, ladies simply cannot drink as much as men. Yet, they seem to frequent establishments and functions. They have their own vehicles. They have their own money. They make their own errors in judgment.


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