After 23 years with the same law firm, I finally branched out and established my own law firm; David Hammerquist Law Chartered.  Having given advice on establishing businesses for almost three decades, it was finally my turn to see if I have known what I was talking about?   Did I?    WELL…..  Mostly.

            Where was I correct?  

Correctly, I knew that everything about the move and transition would take longer and try one’s patience and energy more than what one would be inclined to naturally believe.

Correctly, knowing that prompt client service was paramount, I early lined up essentials for at least the following:

  • Support staff
  • Government stuff;  secretary of state filings, IRS and state Tax ID filings
  • Workers Compensation, liability insurance, etc (YUK)
  • Accounting and billing program licensing (this stuff is tough! and expensive)
  • Movers (they can be busy and unavailable you know?)
  • Printing (letter head, envelopes, business cards etc) 
  • COMPUTER and that techy stuff
  • storage, (who woulda thunk that storage facilities are that expensive and can be that booked up, especially when college students are leaving for the summer?)
  • OH YEAH!   Lease Space
  • Cell phone
  • Letters and e-mails letting clients, and contact people know about the move.
  • Web Site (
  • P.O. Box

OKAY??   Soooo.   Where did I botch?

                  PHONE BOOK (ouch!)

                  There are three notable telephone book publications in the area and yes, despite what under 40 techies claim, many people do refer to the phone book and each phone book has a web based publication portion. 

Each phone book has their “cut off” dates for when you can be in their written publications and my move fell in between the dates for all three!  It will likely be months before I can be in one of their printed publications.


            Make your own checklist of what you need to accomplish for your move/ new business establishment.  Consult with others who have made these transitions (like me) and learn what they did correctly and where they made their mistakes!   Best of luck to you!