The Computer Age: Best of Times or Worst of Times?

The computer age and business owners

We have introduced themes about how the law cannot catch up with computer/internet trauma. Businesses and entrepreneurs have been able to flourish without government regulation. So have hackers and spammers.

As we all live in the international community, our government struggles to keep up with the hackers/spammers; who for all we know, may have some backing by their local governments.

  • What can/should governments do to regulate internet communications?
  • What can/should governments do to criminalize and punish spammers/hackers?

Is this legal arena seemingly even more hopeless than the war on drugs? Let us pray not.

As common citizens, what can we do, if anything? If you and I do not know how to talk to our legislators about how to regulate complex concepts of nuclear fission versus fusion, (no, I do not know what I am talking about in these fields of science) how can we possibly know how to talk to our legislators about spamming and hacking regulation?

Possible answers to these questions lie in determining who should take responsibility:

  1. Should common citizens reach out to local legislators and insist that they “do something”?
  2. Can this grass roots beginning work?
  3. Should Congress take initiative and subpoena the Googles and Facebooks of the world and require their less than adequately regulated companies to “do something?”

Hmm… asking Congress to take the initiative. Such a request sounds more ineffectual than either war on drugs or hacking/spamming.

As always, perhaps it is up to us to start with the grassroots on this war.