FINALE We left last time with the question, “Why would I want to know more than one lawyer?”


We left last time with the question, “Why would I want to know more than one lawyer?”


The last problem you want is to find yourself in an emergency or crisis and not know a lawyer who knows you.  Yes, you can hate them all, but please get to know them, find ones you can trust and learn to keep them in your pocket. Sometimes your lawyer may not be around when you need him. Sometimes there exists a conflict of interest and all such conflicts affect the entire law firm. Occasionally your lawyer’s experience is not adequate for a particular situation.  AND  Sometimes your lawyer simply pis… upsets you (and vice versa).

WHOA,   keep them in your pocket?  What is that about?  Tell them you will refer many (non-competitors) clients to them.  Show them your business location.  Introduce them to your employees. Take your lawyer golfing.  Take him/her to lunch or coffee. Why???   You want to know them.  You want to put them in a location where you can milk them for legal advice off the clock.  Buy his/her spouse a gift.  The best trick that happened to me is when a woman client had flowers delivered to my wife!   Which client do you think my wife says I have to make the highest priority?   This message is not about sucking up to your lawyers.  It is about making them want to suck up to you.  You want them to make you their highest priority. You want them in your pocket.

As much of a painful overhead expense a lawyer may seem,  as a review of only the topics covered in this blog series reveals (and the list is not comprehensive) it can be a fatal mistake to not accept and understand your lawyers essential roles and essential participations toward your business successes.

Good Luck and remember: Your business success is my highest priority!

David Hammerquist