Shipping your belongings to another state? Be Super Duper Careful

Property Liability

Are you moving?  What about your belongings? (Sometimes belongings are called personal effects and sometimes simply called s--; stuff)

How careful must you be?

Long ago, we had a consumer protection statute called the “Carmack Amendment”.  It was seemingly designed to protect consumers for loss.  If you had a loss, you could go to the primary carrier.  You did not have to do what we had to go through in the old days that was; 

  1. Sue the first truck guy who loaded your stuff only to have him claim he did not do it.  Then…
  2. Go to the second state and sue the second guy who took over from your first truck guy only to have him claim that he did nothing wrong. Then…
  3. Go to the third state and sue the in between storage facility while waiting for the third (or fourth or fifth) truck driver only to have them all say “not me.”

You get the idea

So, our wonderful Congress came up with the Carmack Amendment where you only have to sue one person; the main corporate interstate regulated carrier.  Good Idea… right?

Not so fast. Naturally over the decades, the interstate carriers apparently had more lobby clout than us mere consumer.

There are federal statutes that must be followed.  There are a morass of federal regulations that must be followed.  There are strict time lines to meet.  There are strict notices that must be delivered correctly to the right persons at the right locations. There are extensive proof problems that are your burden. 

Stay Tuned for the next blog: Interstate Shippers: How it All Works (or does not)

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