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More Policy Concerns for the Business Owner/Manager

Policy Concerns for the Business Owner/Manager

Earlier, we addressed policy and privacy concerns that seem to launch ahead of our ability to even keep up; let alone understand.

Law enforcement and even some industries have facial and retina scan technology.

Our own cell phone providers use our cell phones to coordinate with credit reporting bureaus and retailers to track our movements and habits.

Downsizing Your Company: Continued

Company Downsizing

Downsizing a company is never an easy thing. And to add to the stress some terminated employees try to state that you or some other superior made comments about the former employee’s age, gender, race, religion, disability, etc. However, please understand that another way these disgruntled ex-employees attempt to position their wrongful termination claims (yes, I know speaking through their…. Lawyer) is through the consequential effect of the down sized company. Let me explain with a possible example.

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