Commercial Lease Boise

Commercial Leases - What You Need to Know Part III

Commercial leasing, neighbors and insurance

In part 2 of the commercial leasing series, we covered parking and also listed out some questions that need to be answered. Now let's move on to neighbors and insurance.

5. Neighbors:

Commercial Leases - What You Need to Know Part I

Commercial Lease Boise

Are you a tenant of a commercial location or do you intend to move soon or become a tenant? No better time than now to brush up on all of the attributes involved in a commercial lease. Most commercial leases are either a "Full Service" or “Triple Net” (you may see initials “NNN” in some introductory language that indicates a triple net lease). If you are not fully versed in the differences between full service and triple net lease agreement, then it's best to get an appointment to see your hated lawyer.

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