Commercial Lease terms Boise

Another Thought for Commercial Leases

Boise Commercial Lease Concerns

Are attorney drafted commercial leases perfect? Hmmm…

Yes, we hated lawyers diligently attempt to draft leases that envision most difficulties.  Yet, the new surprises never seem to go away.  (Yes, purists, I know that the last sentence is not quite correctomundo).

What if you leased an office suite with a gorgeous view from the sixth floor?  Do you want a guarantee to protect that view?   Would a landlord give that guarantee?  Can the landlord provide such a guarantee? Take a long look at the attached photograph.  As a tenant, imagine how you would you feel if you had just committed to a seven-year lease and then a neighbor, or worse, your own landlord started construction of a whole new building blocking your coveted view? 

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