Business Owners and Family Law 2: A 3 Part Series

This is the second in a 3 part series on what business owners need to know about family law.

Uncertainty and Stress

Unless very quickly settled, no one can predict the outcome of a contested divorce, or custody case. Worse for you, no one can predict exactly how long the process will take. The dynamics are too particular on a case by case basis.

Your employee is going through a major change in his/her family situation. Your employee is not only going through stress and uncertainty, the other side is dealing with the same concerns and likely not acting in a predictable fashion. Sadly, even with “mature adults” we can see the most knee jerk and childish behaviors. Thus, your employee is not just dealing with his/her own concerns, he/she often has little idea what the other side may do next. These behaviors often passes, but the phase is very real.

Even after the case seems like it is all over, inevitably, your employee has gone through major changes in his/her personal life. With minor children involved, the custody/visitation has added strain to your employee.

Soo… can you do anything about this loss of productivity you suffer because your employee is going through a litigation? Perhaps. Again as each situation can be different, before you take action that could be adverse to your employee, you must consult with your… hated lawyer!

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