More Policy Concerns for the Business Owner/Manager

Earlier, we addressed policy and privacy concerns that seem to launch ahead of our ability to even keep up; let alone understand.

Law enforcement and even some industries have facial and retina scan technology.

Our own cell phone providers use our cell phones to coordinate with credit reporting bureaus and retailers to track our movements and habits.

Drones (air and water!) used by civil, law enforcement, and militarily, permeate our lives. Their production and use far outpace our governments’ abilities to legally and ethically establish their use. [Oh yea, many drones can use the facial/retina technology.]

Urgent and remaining unanswered questions include:

  • What happens to obtained information acquired by whom?
  • Who owns the information?
  • Who stores it how?
  • Who shares it with whom?

For the business owner… now we have to read and learn about the term “insider threat.” Will your employees hijack their fellow employees’ passwords? How fast can they steal your data and information versus how long will it take you to catch them?

A business decision to now make involves how much resources should you commit toward constant surveillance through which available means? Did you know that there are companies who “sell” software that feeds company computer systems through algorithms to create employee profiles? From these algorithms, one can generate so much data and surveillance, the future is obviously here and long gone!

Some systems even reward employees for reporting “suspicious” activities of other employees. If your employees know all about your activities, what will be their response/attitudes/ motivations toward trusting you?

It is difficult to know what to do. Should you consult your hated lawyer on all of this? Not only gosh yes, but also coordinate these concerns with your lawyer, accountant and IT people today!