PRELUDE to my forthcoming blog series; Is it OK to hate my lawyer?

Why do we enjoy so much hating lawyers? (Besides bad grammar)

I have my hunches, so read on.

During my first college year, I recall telling my friend I wanted to be a lawyer. He had obviously been raised in a stereotypical hate lawyers’ environment. He curtly remarked how repugnant lawyers are because all they do is “make money off of other people’s problems.” I had been jealous of him because as a mere college freshman, I had no marketable skills. My friend, on the other hand, was already on his way to becoming a journeyman electrician having worked in his father’s electrical contracting business even while attending high school.

After two days of feeling dejected and doubting myself, I finally realized that all of us “make money off of other’s people’s problems.” (Or at least try to.) The commercial farmer produces food to address “other people’s problems” of needing to eat. Doctors treat “other people’s problems” such as our illnesses and injuries. My own friend made money off of “other people’s problems.”

Their problem was electricity for their houses and my friend fixed their problems for money. We all endeavor to “make money off other people’s problems.”

SO, —- what does this have to do with hating my lawyer? I have conducted no empirical studies. I have merely my hunches. (When was the last time you heard the word “hunch?”) My hunches start with how so many laws are mandated upon us.