Last time, we introduced the necessary notion of accepting how process is almost 50 percent of the legal morass in which we all must endure.  Now we introduce several specifics in a typical litigation process.

First, we have the investigative “process.” Second there is the “educate your lawyer” process. Third, the “seek compensation before sue” process (Often called, demand process). Fourth we have the filing and serving of complaint process. Fifth, the other opponents have opportunities to respond/reply.  Sixth, we must engage in the discovery process.  Seventh we must engage in the motion and other procedural court appearances process. Finally, Eighth (but we are not done yet), we must engage in your day in court

Even after trial, we are not done with our processes.  There is also the collection process and there even could be the, (YUKK), appeal process.

Your lawyer did not write the Constitutions or the statutes. (Legislative written laws).  Your lawyer must also participate in the process of law. Process through all legal matters requires stamina and patience and acceptance of uncertainty.

If you want your day in court, (or seem forced to) you must allow and participate in the above processes.   I have learned that you as the possible litigant will be happier and better understand and accept the system, if you accept and embrace the processes the law requires.

NEXT TIME,     Company formation/ “who” do you want to be?