Protect Yourself With The Consumer Protection Act!

Let me interrupt our Super Simple Tips series with a thought about the Idaho Consumer Protection Act.


Have you ever signed a contract, loan or other potentially binding paper and not kept a copy? 

            What if you signed a series of loan pages with a lending institution and later learned that the lending institution claimed that you did not sign some of the papers or signed papers you would not have normally signed?


            Please remember that the Idaho Consumer Protection Act is designed to apply to a business-consumer setting.   So, as a consumer, we have the protection of Idaho Code sec. 48-603(13).  The business must provide you with legible copies of any contract or other document you signed during or after the contract negotiation.  You may have to pay for the copy costs, but nonetheless, you are entitled to copies, which of course is always a good idea to keep your copies.



            SO…  Insist on copies whenever you sign potentially binding papers with a business.