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Wills & Trusts

Because you never know what tomorrow will bring, it’s important to have documentation to protect your family and make your wishes known. Failure to plan for your family’s future after your death—or even having your will or trust prepared incorrectly or without proper legal advice—can cause your loved ones to endure a probate nightmare.

What is a trust? A trust is a legal entity, separate from an individual, which protects that person’s assets from probate. A trust is a valuable tool for your estate plan and the administration of your financial and legal affairs.

What is a will? Your will may include instructions regarding division of assets, guardianship of minor children, and other intentions you wish to be known.

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Real Estate

Real Estate is the biggest investment most people will ever make, and real estate transactions can be extremely complicated. Whether you are buying, selling, or trying to resolve a property dispute, if you do not understand the legal documents you are receiving and signing, it’s time to contact an expert. The results of acting without expert legal advice can be expensive and can even cost you your home.

Additionally, it can be equally or more important to consult David Hammerquist before entering into any commercial real estate transaction.

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Family Law

One of the most common reasons the average person needs to contact an attorney has to do with divorce and child custody. At David Hammerquist Law Chartered, we’ve dealt with hundreds of these cases and have the background and experience to advise you through the process.

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